ACT Score for Get into Adelphi University

Adelphi University is a private, nonsectarian university located in Garden City, in Nassau County, New York. It is the oldest institution of higher education on Long Island.

Colleges, Schools, and Degrees Adelphi University
* College of Arts and Sciences: B.A., B.S., B.F.A., M.A., M.S., M.F.A., D.A., Au.D.
* University College: A.A., A.S., A.A.S., B.A., B.S., Post-baccalaureate Certificate, M.S.
* Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies: B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
* Ruth S. Ammon School of Education: B.S.Ed., M.A.
* School of Business: B.B.A., M.B.A., M.S./M.B.A. (with School of Nursing).
* School of Nursing: B.S., M.S., M.S./M.B.A. (with School of Business), Ph.D.
* School of Social Work: B.S.W., M.S.W., D.S.W., Ph.D.
* Honors College

Required ACT Score for Get into Adelphi University
Prospective students with superior high school records and combined SAT math, critical reading and writing scores of at least 1900 (650 critical reading) who seek admission to the Honors College should complete the Honors portion of the admission form, supply the requested evidence of their best academic or creative writing, and visit the Adelphi campus for an interview with a member of the Honors College administration or faculty. (If distance or expense prohibits a visit to campus, an interview will be conducted by telephone.) Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of a wide range of criteria, qualitative as well as quantitative. Acceptance is based on intellectual potential as well as on past achievement. Admissions credentials that are required for a completed application include:

* Completed undergraduate application for Admission (online)
* A non-refundable application fee of $40.
* A personal statement or essay is required. You may submit a report or paper you have written during this school year or, in 500 words or less, submit a response to one of the following questions or a topic of your choice.
* Official high school transcripts, including your rank in class and standardized test scores (if available)
* Official copies of your score on the required SAT or the American College Test (ACT) with writing (SAT and ACT score reports will not be acceptable without a writing score). If these scores do not appear on the official high school transcript, you must arrange for us to receive them directly from the appropriate educational testing service. For students intending to enroll in the General Studies Program or Learning Disabilities Program, SAT scores are highly recommended and expected to be provided upon request.
* One or more letters of recommendation from a guidance/college counselor, teacher or school based administrator. Letters from other sources, such as a volunteer coordinator, may also be considered.

Students who have obtained a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) or who have been out of high school for one year or more will not be required to take the SAT or ACT (unless specifically requested to do so), and will not be required to submit a letter of recommendation (but are encouraged to do so). An admissions interview, strongly recommended for all students, is required for applicants to the Honors College, and may be arranged by the applicant or requested by the Office of University Admissions. All records of each applicant are given careful consideration. A final evaluation is based on the abilities, purposes, and interests of the candidate. The University may also require additional information, or may exempt students from certain credentials. You may submit a report or paper written during the school year, or in 500 words or less, write a response to one of the following:

* Tell us something about yourself that may not be evident by reviewing your academic record.
* Name your favorite piece of literature and explain why it is so memorable.
* If you could solve one world problem, which one would you choose and what creative solutions would you have to solve it?

Applicants should type, sign, and date their essay. Students should consult Adelphi's Special Academic Programs for specific admission requirements to these programs. Students who have been living in the United States for less than three years, and whose native language is not English, are required to take the TOEFL, unless your SAT verbal score is higher than 500. Students applying for the Adelphi University Recognition Award, submit an activity résumé that highlights your community involvement and/or specific leadership roles that you have held within an organization.

Transfer Students: Transfer students with 56 credits or more to complete at Adelphi and with a GPA of 3.5 or better are invited to petition the Dean of the Honors College for admission. Students should be prepared to provide letters of recommendation from college professors and examples of recent work.

Current Adelphi Students: All undergraduates enrolled at the University may request consideration for admission to the Honors College by petitioning the Dean. Such petitions will be evaluated in accordance with the standards for freshman admission, but greater weight will be given to the student’s record of achievement at Adelphi.

The Honors College Admissions Committee looks for students who have shown intellectual adventurousness and accomplishments in their high school studies. In the initial screening of applications a number of criteria are considered: class rank, cumulative grade-point average, SAT (typically a minimum of combined critical reading, math, and writing score 1900 on the new scale with at least 650 in critical reading score) or ACT Score (minimum 26 and must include a writing section), evidence of the desire to attain an excellent education, and an essay representative of the student's best high school work, as well as an interview. No single factor is decisive. Promising applicants are asked to come for an interview with the Dean, Associate Dean, or one of the professors who teach in the Honors College. (Applicants unable to visit the campus are interviewed by telephone.) This Honors interview gives the applicant a chance to learn more about the College and also to describe his or her intellectual achievements and interests. Many students have said that this interview was the most stimulating experience they had in applying to college. In many ways it is a preview of the Honors education, and it is an important factor in the final admissions and scholarship decision.
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